Finishing Department


High performance continues with more advanced technology in the finishing department with our investment in the best equipment available for your project.

We use many pieces of equipment that are not shown here; such as, folders, spiral (wire) binders, collators, and mailing machines for stuffing envelopes and adding postage. Below are just a small sample of the equipment Thomas Printing has invested in to make your project high quality at a competative price.

Best Osako ORS-606A Saddle Stitcher

Gathers, stitches, and three-knife trims a booklet or magazine in one operation.

Heidelberg 10-clamp Perfect Binder

Perfect binding is the process that creates what most think of as a 'paperback' book. Our equipment is capable of creating books as large as 16 inches tall and 2 inches thick.

Polar 115 & Polar 92 Cutting Machines

The Polar 115 Cutting Machine is shown here but we have a second cutter to make the production process smoother and more efficient. These machines are what trims the excess paper away from the printed piece. Their computerized mechanism guarantees perfect finishing size for every piece.

MBO Navigator Folding Machine

Paper folding machines, often referred to as letter folding machines, are designed to save time by quickly taking paper and folding it. Powerful motors, combined with folding plates, allow these amazing machines to create a wide range of folds. These machines save you hundreds to thousands of hours and dollars and will quickly make up their cost in time saved.

Folding results are highly professional, crisp and clean. We offer machines capable of folding thousands of sheets per day. Many of our paper folding machines can handle card stock. Common folds that these machines can handle include letter folds (C fold), zig-zag folds (Z fold), single folds (V fold) and many others.