Prepress Department
The prepress department of Thomas Printing is staffed with graphic designers and experienced prepress technicians who will create your graphics or provide production assistance for prepress work. We have both Mac and Windows compatible platforms.


Thomas printing employs the latest in software for design, layout, raster image processing, and more. We also have copies of previous versions if neccessary to work with older software.

Apple Imac
Adobe InDesign CC 2015 QuarkXpress 8.5
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Adobe Illustrator CC2015
Adobe Acrobat CC 2015 Freehand 10


Our experienced graphic designers will create your project beginning with the rough draft through the final art or will assist you in the development of your project if you require help in any phase.

Some of our graphic design work. Click here to see our Porfolio.


In the printing industry “CTP” is an abbreviation for computer-to-plate. This advanced technology provides improved proofing and printing quality while eliminating the need for film and stripping to generate high quality proofs and printing plates.

A printer's success depends on a reliable production process. In print reproduction, consistency is everything. Presswork consistency begins with integrity of the image on plate. At Thomas Printing we expose the plate with a unique laser energy swath that exhibits virtually no variation across its width. The result is a consistent shape and size on plate despite normal variations in exposure, plate sensitivity and processing.

Producing A Plate

The Trendsetter


Proofing options are digital proof on our large format digital printer for items over 19" or our Digital Press for smaller jobs. Our Pressmatch proofs are imaged on the same device that images the plate giving you an accurate match print proof.


Bringing our prepress to your desktop

The XMF System is a web portal into our prepress environment. With XMF, customers can submit jobs, track job status, remotely proof and approve jobs, and collaborate with everyone involved in the project, using a standard Web browser on a secure internet connection. Using this software positively impacts your bottom line; it accelerates communication, increases productivity and eliminates the costly couriers and proofing lag times that slow production processes and turn-around times.

To expedite the transfer of data and proofing we use the XMF software to assist designers and production houses to ensure that each PDF file is created to meet the exact requirements of Thomas Printing. With XMF it takes only a single mouse-click for the designer to build a PDF file that precisely matches Thomas Printing's production specifications. This eliminates failure to input files and associated costs and delays.